Tuesday, June 25, 2013


of course i always like to break apart words and play with them. today's word, abundance, has a dance in it, always a good sign. i thought abounding would be better than abunding, so there you have it.
a new mechanic has entered my life. when i first saw him, i thought, zztop. the dude has a chest length beard, but he is honest. that is all that matters. his crew of greasy wrenchers came and went like clockwork. he spoke with the same kind, considerate voice to everyone who came in the store in the span of the three hours i was there. this impressed me. i like consistency.
i will go see him again tomorrow, tuck myself between the image of the micheline man and the grimy chairs, breathing in the rubber fumes and sitting in the cool of the ac. though, i will be there early and might take in the breeze beside the ashtray outside, which also functions as a potpourri of sorts. i had not realized how pungent the aging cigarette butt could be. but today, i did not mind it.
farmers came in with their overalls and jeans, i got the image of someone back in the day who labored long in the fields and was so fit, they had to swing their pants off these over the shoulder placeholders, not like the farmers i saw today. one was fit, but the other quite rotund. perhaps it's the air conditioned hay thingy, i don't know what those are called. who knows. but working a farm ain't no joke.
i did get to see and feed some horses on saturday, my lovely daughter was also thusly blessed.
life is truly abundant.

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