Friday, June 28, 2013

there's something swimming over there!

and there it was, an otter, diving and munching away contentedly when it rose to the surface just long enough to stuff more greens in its mouth.
we were floating amongst lily pads and trying not to be creeped out by all the bubbles rising to the surface from unknown origins.
that is the cost of setting out to float on a lake, i guess, but it was so worth it.
the two swans basked in the shelter of a small wooded island not far from where we floated.
today, the hum of the washing machine is counterpointed by the squawk of the parakeets who find stimuli exciting, and was enough to get me sqwuaking at them to
be quiet!
i am compiling quotes for a paper and writing it today, punctuated by laundry, and children, domestic bliss, basically.
it is all good, so very good.

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