Monday, June 24, 2013


it was so hot today, i powered my ac from the garage into a perch in the kitchen window. there are still stacks of boxes, but i'm making progress. today was mudroom and kitchen. floors included. i had forgotten how nice it is to walk on a freshly mopped floor.
the transition to my new home has been seamless. i am still grateful for the help i've received in this move. i am also grateful for a peaceful place to rest my head and tuck my children in at night. it is all good. all of it. even the not good parts.
if i can will myself to remember how great a gift this life is, if i can remember that i have a voice which makes a unique sound, then i am not so hesitant to speak up. the dear souls in my masters courses are speaking suzannese, which includes overly honest assessments of productivity, or not, and the general nature of who they are. i am grateful to contribute this to my fellows. i do not need to be thought of any particular way, i am just grateful to be a part of all the groups and kinships in which i currently find myself.
still haven't found a yoga class, or a sophie. but all in good time. when the student is ready, the master appears.

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