Thursday, June 27, 2013

it's that time again

a paper coming due. i have to write it tomorrow. the thing about my writing process is this, i cannot worry about tomorrow. and no, i didn't steal that quote. today, i have to run an errand, but i have been, throughout the course of the week, ingesting. this errand involves driving, and that driving is a mental break from the studies. i have it all in there, the bits and pieces. now i have to weave them together to say something meaningful.
we are in the home stretch for school, so simultaneously i have two other projects due in my other two classes, and a second paper in the class i'm focused on this week. all told, i have to write three papers (one is doing double duty), and for that, i'm grateful.
the process of research and theory, methods and design are all swimming around in my noodle. and if i can keep from getting intimidated, i will be fine. i have only three more weeks of school left, and i begin teaching in about two weeks. time flies.
i am glad my breaks are staggered, so i'm starting one, finishing another, finishing the first, starting a second. it's quite nice how things have worked out, because the hard focused work demands my attention, whereas the beginnings and ends of courses i teach tend to give me a little breathing room. though all these things complement each other and do not draw on the same brain resources. i use the material jointly, but it is nice to switch gears come midday when i enter the classroom or take up my computer and begin writing a paper.
that i am also a student makes me painfully aware of how difficult the writing process can be, sometimes generating an idea is the most difficult part. but if students listen to me, and do what i ask, when i ask it, then i can help them be successful. it is the student that has a different, hear better, way they do not benefit from what i offer. i have honed my methods over years of schooling, i am honing my teaching over years as well. i am grateful for all the students that come to me, whether they be for my editing, in class, or privately, i am grateful that i get to share what i have learned as an artist with other dear souls.
i must away to tend to my life for a bit. hopefully finishing up a chapter, then off to run my errand.
it is all good. come friday, i will have a paper to turn in.

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