Tuesday, June 18, 2013

wonder full now here

that is how i read the title of my last post. it occurred to me after i posted it.
life truly is what you make of it. and i aim to make my life abundant. joyous. carefree. happy.
i never quite understood that we make up the story we sell ourselves. as i stood in the dmv, not a favorite place, for reasons so buried in my psyche i no longer know why. as i stood there yesterday, i began telling myself a new story.
it is all going to be okay.
mind you, not to fool myself into believing some lie, but to embrace the truth. a truth i firmly believe. it is going to be all right. it must. there is no other way for it to work itself out.
at least i finally understand, that i hold the pen that scores the paper, that creates the music, that the musicians play. i am the composer of my own reality, and as such, i want it to be magnificent.
and so it is.

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