Sunday, January 08, 2006

death shroud vii.

i could almost hear the apostles scoffing at mary. saying, stay away from this Righteous One. there is no place for you here, be gone. i could feel her rejection as she left. i could see the pain in her eyes. they could not comprehend how she needed Him. and He needed her. they were not prepared to send Him properly to death. they could not have heard it if He asked directly. she was listening though she could not get close enough to speak a word. she was listening. and when the time had come, she found the way where there is no way. she broke through their defenses and made her worship known. and He received her. and honors her still.

away be gone
the memory
as the pain
of Your

they would
not let me
touch You
nor speak
a word

they kept me
from You
until i
stole in

while they
feasted and
vial cupped
in mine hand

at Your feet
i brake my
poured it
all out
for You

and wept
and worshipped
where they
could not keep me
any longer

i wept over you
as i weep over you

they cannot keep
me from You
my Lover
my Friend
my Lord

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