Tuesday, January 03, 2006

finding joy.i

much of my day is comprised of reading. contemplating. cleaning. my daughter is being nurtured in silence. she is learning to hear the voice of God for herself through the complexities of silence.

keating says,
God's first language is silence.

since bringing home our little budgies, i have noticed how much they fill our home with a happy banter a warbling song of delight. it moves my thoughts from whatever i'm pondering to contemplate their praises.

i try to enter in sometimes, to whistle my worship. but it is a lumbering speech i've not yet perfected. i let them lead me, a child in these regards, to the Father.

when my husband comes home, the girl perks up, orchid is her name. she coos and sings and delights in his presence. showing me up, as usual.

your girlfriend is glad to see you,
i mutter.

my husband coos like a dove. (literally. he was a dove hunter sometime past.)

she replies, and their banter begins. an eloquent language i can only listen in on but cannot speak.

i watch them, the budgies, and her silent partner sits. i ask,
why doesn't he speak?
my husband replies,
she speaks enough for both of them.

and i understand.

we cannot all be speakers. some must listen. some must worship in silence. some must be still.

but there will come a day when we will all cry out in song and praise. in dance and delight. we will all together worship.

the glimmer of unfading joy, delights me.

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