Sunday, July 08, 2007

go away all ready.

i know i said i would, but i'm still here. banging out the letters.

i thought i'd share some pictures of my geese friends before i go (if i do go) don't hold me to it. i don't like to be held to it. a woman's perogative they say.

here i am, scantily clad. in california, mind you, this would be fully clothed.

this is the little inlet island that is there only when the tide goes out. there were about forty geese with us that day.

i'm not sure if you can make out how lovely their eyes are. but they are!

i was trying to capture how close they come to me, that would be my foot and my cute belly dancing jingle anklet i wear everywhere.

and my girl wants to feed only certain geese, which poses a problem. this one that captured her fancy happened to be a gosling, a little banged up. she called him fluffy or something because his facial feathers were all jacked up. the others were picking on him too, so she'd chase them away and only feed fluffy. she's a good soul.

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Deborah said...

Hey Suz,
Those look like Canada geese. We have lots of them up here, too. They hiss at me when I ride by on the bike paths they have taken over by the Beaver Pond. They are all over the golf course near the hotel where my health club is and I'm sure they have to work to keep them out of the outdoor swimming pool!
One year one had a nest in front of the hotel so you had to walk by from the parking lot.

In the fall they fly overhead in huge formations, honking noisily.
The come back in the spring.

Hope you're having a good summer.
May get down NYC way in the fall.