Sunday, July 08, 2007

undoing the undone

so i give my notice at work.

but the whole time i'm thinking, what am i going to do if i stay home?

so they ask me,
do you really have to leave?

and i say,
no. not really.

such a pushover.

the a/c is out and i'm standing all day. lifesucking job.

why do i stay there?

the people. it's always about the people for me. i swear i'd kill for those women. i adore them. (just not the one i have issues with. though i'm open to loving her regardless. i must!)

so i'm very tired. my brain is fried.

but i'm feeling good about things to come.

i tried so hard to unravel some of my involvements this week, but in the end, none of them are going.

time is winding down and the clock will toll, something must die. but what?


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