Monday, February 07, 2011

stick it where?

so the other day this customer gives me no small amount of shyte after i tell her she can't tell me how to price her drink. ultimately, she tells me
to stick it
and i said,
you're a peach.
and walked away. sigh. people.

i would really like a job where people don't dump their bad mood on me, i was shaking after our encounter because i was really trying to get through it without succumbing. i think i did good, maybe that is progress. i'd like to think i have a thick skin but i really don't. i get less and less of this behavior so i'm glad i'm working out that karma.

exhausted. there is no other way to say it. this workweek wiped me out. and today, all i could do was say,
can i please leave?
ultimately, i left no earlier than scheduled but it was a bear making it through. i wanted to collapse. so now i have three days off and i'm looking forward to them. i'm going for a therapeutic pedicure on my aching feet tomorrow, and a nice lunch with my friend. we'll have margaritas and good conversation about everything. think we're doing mexican, possibly indian, but we it's more about the conversation than the meal. though it's nice when they compliment each other.

i watched the office marathon in the hours i was off work and able to do little more than veg. it was fitting that was the show that occupied my zone out time. art imitating life? it's really a dumb show, but maybe that's why i like it.

i need a few days to rest, then a short workweek, and hopefully a few more days to rest. my stamina just ain't what it used to be. i can't feel bad about that and i have to be patient with my body. the signals are clear. i'm not there yet. i'm farther than i was, but i have not arrived.

when my feet throb little else can occupy my mind.

i had been watching animal extractors, and for the third time now, i ejected the possum who has taken to my cats' makeshift shelter. i hope that silly possum finds somewhere else to sleep, never seen anything like it, a possum who sleeps on a porch. but there ain't no shortage of food (the bird feeders are constantly full), so he's happy here. i just wish he'd not occupy the shelter. though it is nice, if i do say so myself.

can't even tell a real story at the moment. i'm fried.

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