Wednesday, February 16, 2011

um, yeah

so i rearranged my apartment, sometimes i just need a different vantage point and i get tired of the same view of the same walls. if i plan to be here a while, and i do, i need to figure out a configuration that works for me. this is better.

but i'm tired now. i hate my job and it needs to change sooner than later. i'm over the novelty or whatever it was that was keeping me there, has kept me there so long. my body needs a rest. and if by rest you think i mean a job where i'm sitting on my ass all day, yes, that is the kind of job i mean. that, or the freedom to come and go as i please. i'd rather come and go, than be stuck on my ass all day.

i am still a bit perplexed about the two poems my prof said i must not leave out of my newest collection. it's not that i don't want them in, it's just that they are more comfortable for me with caps. and i've removed all caps for this collection. i guess i will try them sans caps.

i heard one of them today on my ipod, the swordsman, and it is a poem i'm very fond of. the other, empty of sorrow, is profoundly moving for other reasons.

i'm not saying anything, so i'll go.

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