Tuesday, February 22, 2011

title poem

so my prof wants me to overhaul the title poem in my manuscript. i find this deeply troubling because i don't necessarily agree with what is being requested and i'm not sure i know how to find a middle ground. i guess i just better start slashing and bleeding. trying something is better than doing nothing. but it seems to me the things i keep explaining are explained within the poem and i hate saying, don't u see that? because then i don't know if they see it only because i've explained it (that must be the case, as it was an issue before the explanation) or what.

so on top of all that, i have to navigate the city tomorrow for jury duty. may the gods favor me because i never really know where i'm going when i go. i have to just try my luck and hope i arrive on time. i would really like to be on a case but i don't know that it is wise. though i'd rather go to the city than do my job any day.

i have a cat asleep across my chest, and another at my feet. i'm going to follow their lead and snuggle in for a nap.

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