Saturday, February 12, 2011


so beat. i slept a bit, now i'm awake. seems my body has to recover from work and that isn't a good thing. today i had some customer telling me i was mad, and i said once,
i'm not mad.
and she said,
a bit.
like she knew and i didn't. people are nuts. i swear.

so many changes are happening so fast, but without the speed we might not follow through. i think sometimes it's easy to back off in fear instead of moving forward. i want to move forward into the unknown. i know the known, and it's time for a change. past time.

so i soaked my feet when i got home, that's how i know it was bad. that and the fact that i could hardly stand by the time i got home. and now i'm wide awake, gotta open tomorrow, so i need to pass out in short order. i checked out a few movies to help ease the transition from here to the dream realm, sometimes when i put on kid movies my brain just clicks off and i go out like a light. it worked with shrek forever after. i was hoping it would work with another movie i checked out but the movie isn't playing. grrr. time to pop a benedryl. the trouble is, i get so tired my body roars a dull ache, and my brain whirrs.

i saw a style editor job was open and i must go apply for it. funny, how i'm contemplating fonts and the next job i see which appeals to me is style editor. not for a fashion magazine, mind you, but for a word situation. i would like to get that. geek out on fonts and pagination like i do and actually get paid. it would be classic if that were the gig i landed. may it be so.

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