Thursday, April 07, 2011


it began to come true, her dreams.
not in any one person, not in any particular way, just little the little things she began to notice and appreciate.

getting up in the morning wasn't a chore.

she waited on the cement guard rail for the bus, and her child smiled at her as they met eyes at the end of the day.

the green was beginning to break through after the long cold wet. the dampened heart. time is upon us for singing birds and blooming flowers.

they stood together talking about which bouquet they liked, and why. she wasn't a spendthrift, but she couldn't justify two bundles of roses, or could she. they couldn't decide so they went to the potted plants,
they're all doomed,
her girl said to her. they laughed.
pretty much anything we choose is doomed,
she replied.

they wandered over to the mismatched bundles of wildflowers, they couldn't decide, they were all so lovely, and ultimately, she got sick of trying to decide and they walked away.
we should come stand in front of the flowers every week, we enjoy them so much.
but they couldn't stand dooming any of them to wilt and fade under her care. though she tried, she over watered the succulents, and didn't water the thirsties. she enjoyed them though, even as they grew limp and faded. she tried to extend their lives.

they're all doomed, that's why i prefer cut flowers. any more time i can give them is a bonus. they're already dead.

kind of morbid approach to the bouquet, but her girl was used to it.

so they return home without the flowers, but grateful.

they walk by the river, through the mossy grasses, talking about the day.

eight hours is a long time to be apart, and that she smiles at me when she comes home, makes me smile back.

it's all good. every last thing.

and she began to understand what it meant to feel good.

she allowed herself to feel it. feeling good is like a butterfly, it can startle away. or be crushed if grasped too tightly. but if you sit quiet enough, for long enough, you will find, there may even be a chance you'll see them break free the cocoon.

she felt that way, like she had just awaken from a long slumber.

and had emerged with the most beautiful wings.


Jacque said...

LOVE in it's totality, but especially...

they're all doomed, that's why i prefer cut flowers. any more time i can give them is a bonus. they're already dead.

This is so morbidly powerful it sticks to my teeth. :-)

siouxsiepoet said...

thanks jacque. it felt good to write :) maybe it will bloom again, into a poem.

hope you're well.