Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what was it

today was strange, but in the manner of strange, it never bothered her much. just that she hopped so lightly from bed, she didn't think she'd be trudging home exhausted.

sometimes we need help, so she made it to the safety of her best friend, together they shared their lives, the mundane stuff. the stuff you everyone is not privy to. it was in those moments of near tedium, that they laughed and entertained each other.

thank you for running around with me,
she said.

it had become their custom, to run errands together. even though it involved a forty five minute drive. the company was worth the effort. late one night after their even had been unexpectedly cancelled, they walked the abandoned aisles of the grocery store. talking, laughing, comparing prices.

sometimes her best friend would get mad,
you're so irritating,
she'd say. our heroine had just picked up a grabber for the geriatric and vertically challenged to reach top shelves and walked over to her best friend and slipped it up under her coat and grabbed what flesh she could. anything to annoy. it was a gift she had. they would fight but not that often, because it was true about them both. they had learned how to be around each other without requiring the other be anyone else.

now if she could just find that in a partner.

of course she can.

of course she will.

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