Monday, April 04, 2011

round about midnight

i wish i were in dreamland now. but here i am, thinking. i'm not the type to just lay there and do nothing, so i am up. processing.

tomorrow is a big day. one thing on tap is a lecture at suny newburgh that is closely related to my master's critical thesis. whether or not the instructor and i hit it off remains to be seen, but i will be there, thesis in hand, just incase.

then, i get to sit in the editor's chair for three days at the paper i'm working with. this is a huge privilege since i'm a newby to journalism, but i'm not a newby to editing. so my editing resume being what i handed to the paper is probably what got me this gig. i'm so grateful.

what do you want next,
she asked.

the smile widened across my face,
i haven't decided yet.

when you do, it will be yours.

a lot of things are happening quickly in my life at the moment. for that i am grateful.

my daughter is strong and happy. for that i am grateful.

my friends are close to me. for that i am grateful.

my family is far away, but know i love them, for that i am grateful.

decide what you want, that is half the battle to getting it. this is something i've come to learn.

i have no expectation for this life. i trust. that is all.

but the possibilities are endless, and i want a little extra to give away. without strings. to gift to strangers, even.

enough to share.

and peace. i always want that.

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