Wednesday, April 06, 2011

she took her by the hand

we went on our first hike of the season.
nothing strenuous,
i said. they asked if i wanted to try, and i always game for a challenge, said
four and a half hours later, we emerged bone weary, but laughing about the wonders we had experienced.

we stood atop high point and saw the city.

we perched on rocks above a waterfall, marveling.

on the way up, my girl started complaining and i talked her through it.

i can't let her convince herself she can't do it,
i told the women.
she can do anything.

but four hours later, i was exhausted and trudging up a steep incline.

one of the women got behind my girl and spoke kindly to her.

another one stopped on the path ahead of me and said,
take my hand.

she stood there waiting for my girl to reach her.

we were so tired, all of us, but she stopped and waited. she walked my daughter out of that valley, and i just kept trudging along. so grateful.

there are very few times, as a mother, my tank is completely dry.

that was one of those times. i could not have mustered the umph to get us both out of there, but i didn't have to.

we trudged up the mountain together, and relieved that someone was speaking encouragement to my child, i went ahead and joined the leader.

the woman who had gone behind my girl joined us and said,
she's stronger when she leads.

so when they'd reached the top of the valley, i asked her if she wanted to lead us out.

she said
my girl lead the ragtag bunch of hikers out of the forest.

and with great relief, we made it to my best friend's house where i promptly passed out on the couch.

i couldn't shake that image though, of someone whom we'd just met, reaching out and saying,
take my hand.

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