Friday, April 22, 2011

hear me, hear me

it looks like i'm on tap friday night of my final residency. that is when i will be giving my fifteen minute reading. i get to teach my class the first day we are there, nothing like getting things out of the way, then i have two other classes i will commit to going to and i'm free and clear. i may show up for other classes, but i doubt it. i'm just not into it. not even into pretending i'm into it.

when i graduate, i will get my diploma and drive my ass home that night. i don't want to hang around there any longer than i have to. i can't wait to graduate. can't wait.

that will begin the next leg of our heroine's journey. the one in which she sets off for a very long, month long visit to california. she may, in fact, believes, she will be taking in a writer's conference for a week out of that month, but other than that it will be a lot of reconnecting time. for her and her sister. can't. wait.

my graduate lecture on contemplative writing will take place on friday, july 8, 2:45 in Halden Hall Room 139

so if you find yourself in chestnut hill, ma, july 15 at 5:30pm, that's when i'm on tap. reading from my creative thesis, bleed easy. at least i think i'll read from that. i may go another way, but it's a long time off, and we'll probably have a chat before then.


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