Saturday, February 04, 2006

drift away

seether's remedy was playing during my devotions, preceded by nirvana's lake of fire, and pod's goodbye for now. james hetfield keeps me company, singing enter sandman.

this is not the proper way to do christian devotion. most emphatically not.

sometimes when i sit down to meditate, the birds call so loudly from outside, i have to pick up my head, then my cup of coffee, and go out of doors and just witness creation.

this is not the proper way to do meditation.

sometimes when my girl is doing homework and matisyahu's King without a crown comes on, i say, dance break, and we go to the kitchen and dance in socked feet. she made some signs, caution! dancin' zone. and taped them to the kitchen wall.

this is not the way to conduct a proper homeschool.

there is a pattern here. and i sometimes wonder if i'm not doing my girl more of a disservice than favor by encouraging her free spirit. we often walk in through the out doors. and giggle all the while.

we often drift away from groups we are a part of because picasso is hung on the opposing wall, and we cannot walk by him without stopping to admire.

we often set out to be joiners, but wander away and do our own thing.

i do not know that i do her any favors. encouraging this freedom.

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