Tuesday, February 07, 2006

try again

i am not myself this morning. so i will attempt to string together some words, but previous attempts have gone skittering across the floor like beads. i tried to chase them down but they are fast, and my brain is slow today.

reading through my previous journal, "courage" i find these quotes from Henri Nouwen (from inner voice of love):

Peace is not a naive simplicity, but the perfect harmony of immense complexity.

We are not our own; we belong to everyone else.

Humility is a relationship of honesty to everything: to God, oneself, other people and all reality.

The willingness to allow God to walk into our lives, tear up our plans and throw them into the wastebasket is a good beginning.

We only grow in ministry through the experience of failure and humiliation. It is by becoming humble that one is able to practice ministry rightly, and humiliation is the path to humility.

Love makes us vulnerable. The love of another person (including God) reduces our defense mechanisms.

that's all for today. i'm not up to any more.


Anonymous said...

Great quotes. Thanks for sharing them. And I hope you get back to feeling yourself again soon. Speaking as only one of your cyber-friends....we like yourself, indeed, need yourself..

Anonymous said...

Well crap...that was me.

Michael Snyder