Friday, September 10, 2010

working out

i'm not sure how it's going to come together, but i am trusting that it will. my love is on a plane as i write, and i am doing laundry, being the domestic goddess i pretend to be on occasion.

i didn't have money for back to school clothes for my kid. i wasn't sure how to make it happen, so i kept waiting. i kept asking for her patience. we acquired the had to have stuff, but she needed more. i didn't want her to feel uncomfortable, and fortunately, her dad arrived and bought her new converse, a back pack, the real noticeable stuff. plus, the real expensive stuff. and i just kept asking her to wait.

so, slowly, bit by bit, as my grams would say,
poquito por poquito,
we acquired enough to get her started.

yesterday, we hit the motherload. hot topic is having a killer sale. i'm so grateful.

she looks so cute, she's found her style. we wear the same clothes and shop at the same store. which i find comical. i refuse to let her buy concert shirts for bands she doesn't know, so it's kind of a music appreciation lesson at the same time. what can i say, ever the homeschooler.

so, she is safely tucked in bed after staying up all night (until probably six this morning), and i am going to try to finish up the stuff distracting me, and hopefully get my car back in time to ride gloriously in to work. otherwise, i'm hoofing it to the train and walking home after midnight. such is life.

it's gotten marvelously chilly. i'm grateful for the weather change.

there is so much yet to do. i'm not sure how it will all come together but i trust that it will.

these trials make us stronger.

and i enfold her in my wings, and she rests safely now, and we have a home of our own.

she looked at me with a giant smile yesterday all dressed up with her pleated black elizabeth tripp skirt complete with handcuffs, her thigh high socks and mary janes, with her social distortion shirt, and she said,
i've finally become you, and that's not such a bad thing.

your dad is going to flip when he sees you,
i keep telling her.

she just smiles.

i keep meaning to get the last of what she needs to dye her hair purple. but it is not at the top of my priority list. mostly because it will be messy. i'm a cool mom in some respects, but i can't imagine what a mess that will make.

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