Thursday, May 26, 2011

blessed mundane

today i will lose myself in the quotidian mysteries. tending the home the way i once did, years ago.

yoga with sophie will help me focus, she has a way of ushering in light. i can't explain it. she's not easier than the physical girl, she's just got a different approach. and she always says,
beautiful, thank you.
she plays yoga music and i'm able to lose myself in her class.

though one time, because she's european, she said,
put your hands on your shin.
i was on one leg with the other outstretched balancing, and put my hands under my chin and smiled, because i didn't realize she said,
i heard chin.

these things make me laugh inside. i'm such a dork.

last night was nee's spring concert, the end of her middle school music journey, essentially. the music was okay, i must say, i enjoyed my kid's performance best, but that's to be expected. i tried to be patient through it, but was grateful when it was over.

my girl closes her eyes when she sings. she gets very serious and deep inside herself. she wants to be a singer now. i have told her to play that guitar she begged me to buy. she is currently dabbling in piano, but i think the guitar is important for a singer. don't know what she'll do.

and when it comes to languages, the child is teaching herself japanese but they won't let her in a mandarin chinese class, because at the high school they don't offer level one classes in any language except spanish. sigh. so she's stuck in spanish for the rest of her time in high school. i understand, i didn't like it either. spanish was a pain. it's a useful language though, so hopefully it will sink in a bit.

the air has gone cool, but my girl tells me it will warm up considerably today.

yesterday was beautiful. my bestie and i went for a walk, ran a few errands, and sat on her porch. we've worked so hard the past week, trying to find some balance of rest and finishing the remainder of the tasks we've set before us is a challenge.

today is one of those days when tasks will present themselves and i will give myself over to them. grateful for the opportunity to meet the needs of my child. to be in this life another beautiful day.

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