Saturday, May 07, 2011


have been trying out new instructors at my new gym. today's instructor made my entire body feel like jello within ten minutes. i'm not sure if that's a good thing. it's hard for me to feel totally lame, accommodating foot still, and try poses i can't remotely get in to. fell out of a couple today that i was fine with on weds, so i know it has a lot to do with the way it was done. that's no one's fault, just something i understand, which makes me feel better. i would have felt like a loser had this been my first yoga class at this gym, but it wasn't. so i know there is a spectrum. since i can't subscribe to any one class, i will continue to test myself with the spectrum.

tonight is a my chemical romance concert. my daughter and i are going together and i'm excited. when we were standing there watching them last time, i couldn't believe i hadn't wanted to come to either show. sometimes i get lazy. the city seems daunting, and, well, there are lots of reasons. but we were there, ear to ear grins, and saying, what were we thinking. we're suddenly glad we get to go again, it's like a treat.

we're hoping the architects open again, we liked them. the neon trees, for me, not so much, but my girl liked them. that was their last show with mcr, so fortunately, i don't have to see them again.

she's hooked on the concert scene now. just as i was. and i am glad i'm able to support her in that.

it's gotten suddenly chilly the past few days, and it's wonderful. i like to bundle up. to be cozy under blankets. to wear sweaters. then there are pockets of sunshine and i pop on my bathing suit and bask. life is beautiful at the moment.

i'm off to soak in a hot tub. my daily ritual. something about the stillness, the way the water holds and soothes. the layering in of salts and oils, applying masks, and using a fancy bar of soap a dear friend encouraged me to buy. there is something wonderfully restorative about those things in combination.

and when i'm done, my skin steaming, my mind at ease, i will emerge, and rest or wander down to the river, where i'll bask on a rock, until it's time to get ready, or until some other diversion presents itself.

life is good. and what i've come to understand is that when you expect life to be good, the cold cup of orange juice has a particular zing. the warm rice, good company, all these things, matter. when you look for the good, the good can be found. which makes perfect sense since when i look for something to complain about, something always presents itself. i'm looking to rejoice now. to marvel in simplicity and revel in the mundane.

starting with the lighting of candles, and the hot bath.

then, who knows.

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