Thursday, May 26, 2011

mat work

that's probably not what it's called, technically, but i make up names for things.

so this morning's yoga was wonderful. we stayed on the floor and did a lot of stretching and balancing from the ground. at one point we got on our foreheads and put our knees on the back of our arms in preparation for the head stand. i did it, held it and was solid. sophie walks over,
can you put up one leg.


i laughed and let myself down. i know my limitations.

it's curious because i'm not the most flexible person in the room, nor am i the most adept at yoga. but the really hard shit comes easily to me. the simple stuff, flat back, following direction (:D) very difficult.

sophie talks a lot about the spirituality of yoga and this pleases me. i'm utilitarian by nature. i want my actions to be meaningful.

she helped me find my breath today too, which was huge. it was probably the first time i felt in slight awareness of my breath and able to begin to control it.

so i've put away the winter clothes, finally. and now i'm all ready for spring. still haven't finished the cleaning to do today, but it's been incredibly productive so far. when i clean my girl comes in the door and dances. it's so cute to see, like the energy of the place changes when things are in order. it probably does.

i'm excited about the coming weeks. the next month is full of little details before graduation. then i'm gone for a long vacation. i can't wait. i haven't had a vacation in ages. eons.

i plan to vegemetate regularly.

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