Sunday, April 04, 2010

big meanie

driving home on easter and what happens? a bunny hops into the road and meets fate. i happened to be the catalyst for his entering the nether regions. and, well, it's sad but kind of funny. i felt bad that i offed a cute little cotton tail, but i came home and told my kid. i had to, it's just too classic not to. true to form, she replies,

what's next? a deer on christmas? a turkey on thanksgiving?

i don't know,
i laughed.

so, i'm home now. feeling my day. feeling my week. knowing it's push time. i have to get it done, and quickly now. there is no time to waste. i hope i don't forget all the details swimming in my head. i write lists and try to pin them down, but i lose the lists. probably not a good sign. right?

so, i'll sleep in tomorrow. won't make myself get up. i work better when well rested.

and i will figure it out then.

now, watching a movie with my best gal, and sleep.

i forgot how much i love sleep.

i'm glad it's not eluding me anymore.

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