Tuesday, April 20, 2010

not about me

i'm coming to understand my capacity in some people's lives is to reflect who they are back to them. it has nothing to do with me really, and the more i can keep my shit out of the mix, the better.

one doesn't look in a mirror to see the mirror. in so many ways, that is what i am. a function of my life. i'm cool with that. now to embrace it.

i realized today that some people are passing through my life for their own purposes, probably a good deal more people than i realize. and i have to let them go their way.

i don't understand it, but i don't have to. it's not my place to know the details, just to be a sounding board.

and so i shall. i just have to remember, it's not about me.

makes life a whole lot easier when i can stop trying to figure out my part in the drama. it's just my place for a moment in time.

and i'm ready for the good stuff to come. been ready for a while.

bring it on.

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