Saturday, April 24, 2010

sun thyself

summer is coming. the tanning oil is poised and ready to be used. i didn't spend a lot of time basking yesterday but some. it's better to begin poquito por poquito. but it felt good, like i'm alive. soaking it all in.

paper due monday. clock ticking down. i have to trust it will be well. i found a point i had missed earlier, and based on the response i got when i read the piece to my dearest i am going to trust that it is well and submit it.

such an interesting thing, writing. it's so intimately connected with living for me.

went and sat by a lake with a friend yesterday. it was nice enough.

he was describing the saftey precautions in nascar,
there are arm restraints.

so your arms don't get chopped off.

he smiled and looked at me.
well, they don't say it like that.

but i do.

and a neck brace.

so your neck doesn't break and your head doesn't fall off.

he laughed.

i'm graphic, what can i say.

he proceeded to describe other things and i just listened silently as my interpretation was not helping much. but he did remind me of a poem i had written years ago, which i'm going to have to cop a line from.

dunno. woke up with an idea which may not fly. i have to ask first. think later. then again, maybe it will fly. who knows.

i'm closing the store tonight and tomorrow night. at least tonight i'm with a girl who does her job well. meaning, i don't have to do everything. and she thinks i'm crazy, which makes it fun for me. guess my personality is slipping out a bit there. and that can only make it interesting.

my girl is dragging me to the mall today. i bought three outfits yesterday, two dresses and a skirt and top. they are so summery and sweet, i can't wait to wear them. need to find a pool and place to bask regularly this summer.

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