Thursday, April 08, 2010

push, push.

i am one week out from some pretty heavy deadlines pertaining to the literacy project. thing is, i need the college to act quickly. quickly, in part, because i didn't realize the extent of what i needed. having never done this before, though i should have realized the contract, and it is a contract, needs to be executed by the college. so now, it's time for fancy footwork. i have to get moving quickly today to get things in the right hands and make these deadlines. mostly, once i deliver the forms, it is out of my hands. i can't make the college move on this. i must trust those who can make things happen, will.

this morning i have an appointment with someone whom i hope will help me prepare to move forward. i've been struggling for a while now. and i'm ready to change my life. i've been ready. i've just been waiting for doors to open. sometimes, i'm strangely patient. i want to learn all the lessons of this season before venturing off into the next set of lessons. that is something i've learned. if you don't deal with it while it's right in front of you, it will come up again in your new venue. don't want that. want change. to integrate the lessons of the season. there have been many.

i spent the day with a friend in the park, we lay in the sun by a gorgeous knotted tree that look like fairies live in it. we did school work and sunned. it's finally gorgeous weather here.

after that, i took my girl to the barn where she had a lesson on her favorite pony. i'm trying to fit this into my schedule now, as it matters to her. the thing is, my schedule is unforgiving. and the farm is an hour drive. that makes quite a time commitment out of the situation.

i'm not sure what will happen today, but i must get moving. engage.

this is the best part of it though, actually doing the stuff. i have at least two meetings, an appointment this morning, and a delivery to make. i will be about the town trying to sort out last minute details and maybe, if i'm lucky, life will afford me the luxury of some down time to read.

i'm grateful for the good weather, now i just need favor. and the good people of the college and the city to cooperate and move very quickly.

i believe in miracles.

every day.

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