Monday, April 12, 2010

where have you been?

the lady at the post office kept missing my question because she hadn't heard it in a while, i guess.

when did the price of stamps go up,
i asked for about the third time.

she was affixing a little two cent post office thing over the two cents due stamp on my letter.
about two years ago, where have you been?

out of touch, apparently.

i jacked the roll of stamps in my hasty exit from my communal quarters and never thought to check if they were (OH WAIT, now i remember, god, it has been forever, i did have two cent stamps, which i forgot to jack. oh well), still good.

details. i do everything without stamps these days, so i've mailed a few letters lately shy the two cents, i'm certain it all evens out in the end.

so i set out to get one of those toll tag things, ezpass. it's some secret where they sell these things and i found one in new jersey, of all places. check that box off.

got a reprieve, and don't have to go to paterson today. so, i'm home again, chillin till it's time for me to work. i really need to do some homework, think i'll go sit in the sun and read. i'm fading.

but ah, my bed feels good.

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