Sunday, April 18, 2010


and sometimes she found she was afraid. there were things she could not control, plans contrary to hers. but she held true. she found her will to be her guide and it was all, at times, that got her through. there was no protector, no knight to save her like in the stories she'd heard too many times. it was time for her to save herself.

and so she did.

and it became all she could dream, and more. she moved from grace to grace with ease. she found favor again. and remembered how to laugh. she found, if she kept trusting, trustworthy people would remain in her life. and she would have their back and they would have hers. but it was always precarious, trusting. it requires trust.

trust is not an easy thing, she knew this. her inclination to trust was founded in an untrusting world. a world where trust is looked down upon, and she was undaunted.

that was her problem, she kept believing.

in what?
they asked.

she replied.

for she had learned there was no one person or thing to set her trust upon, but that trust itself was the key. belief was not hinged upon any thing, but belief itself was the key. and she held them close, though life tried to pry her fingers apart, and she bloodied, sometimes, found the strength to keep her hand clenched, then opened, at the right time, opened. for one cannot always hold, one must learn to let go. to let it all go.

and so, she saved herself.

and was undaunted.

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