Tuesday, April 06, 2010

.i.m. f.r.y.e.d.

made it through my marathon day. the first thing my boss said to me when i saw her was,
i feel bad about these long days you guys have to work.
she's very sweet. in so many ways and for so many reasons, i'd rather work long days and have more days off than little short shifts. but there's something to be said for a cameo. the thing about it is, we have so few people at our store, we all have to work almost every day. it sucks. it really sucks. but again, glad i'm working. can't wait for my perfect job. or at least something i want to do.

i told the kid i worked with,
if mother theresa came in tonight, i'd hate her. i'm so over it.

he laughed.

a customer ordered a drink and i rolled my eyes. god, i never thought i'd get there, but there i be.

so, two days off. the second day is jam packed with appointments, stacked end on end like jenga cubes. tomorrow, i only have to get up to take my kid to the farm for a lesson. late in the day, so, i can sleep. sleep is sweet.

may it come quickly tonight and bring sweet dreams

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