Wednesday, April 21, 2010

it's you

he stepped out of the elevator and gawked at me. one hand holding the door open, the other kind of flailing in midair.

i said, turning from the bottom of the large flight of granite stairs i was about to ascend.

i knew the face, his name followed shortly after in mind though i didn't call him by it. he rummaged around in his wallet as i entered the elevator.

third floor, turning in a sound permit.

he hands me his card, and i give him mine.
i haven't seen you in a year.

yeah, since jan beatty. i won't be there on saturday for mark doty,
then i started going into it all. blah, blah, blah. literacy program.

why this man likes me, i don't know. why he likes to photograph me, i have no idea. but it's something. and i don't have a scrap of makeup on, and i'm wearing purple leopard pants and black platform flipflops, which is no surprise. but i didn't want anyone to see me as i was just dashing about town delivering forms.

i wasn't exactly dressed for work. i thought i could be sly.

but i did manage to get the final form turned in and while the clerks office wanted to give me shit, it is a permit that we have already secured the mayor's attendance, etc. and if they want to dilly dally now, it's too late.

what are they going to do, show up and unplug the mayor while he's giving a speech? not likely.

alternately, this whole thing could combust before my eyes and i'd just end up laughing. i'm really trying to pull this off, but if it ain't one thing, it's another.

and now, i'm just hoping for the best. keep my head down and ride it out. the buzzer will sound soon and hopefully my thighs will still be clutching the bull.

or, i will have flown clear, or been gored. dunno.

can't tell.

but it's fun. and i'm enjoying my crazy life.

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