Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stand not amazed

so much resolves itself if you just let it. and i'm grateful for it. i have no energy to make things go or stay. they must do as they will. i didn't know what was going on with this one anyway, so i'm glad it's resolved. resolution is good.

today, so much to do. meetings stacked one on top of the other, starting with a phone call in about an hour. i have to get the veterans on board and we'll see how that goes. it's got to move quickly now. the thing about it is, when you're asking for things you can't push people's timelines. though now, my timelines are down to the wire. i have much to accomplish and so little time. it can be done though, i know it.

i have to remember not to be concerned about that which is beyond my control. there were a couple areas that the school would not give on, and i had to get others involved. those areas are dead in the water at the moment and i don't have any way around them. i could, conceivably, do it myself, and i will if it doesn't go my way today.

ultimately, i'm doing the best job i can and think i've got the bases covered. hope so. just found our mark doty will be teaching a poetry workshop the day i'm at this veteran's thing. i would so much rather be in workshop with mark doty.

ah well. such is life.

i have to let that one go and honor the commitments i have made.

it's all for the best, i know it. every bit. even the bits i don't understand.

need the veterans today. must have them.

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