Sunday, April 25, 2010

broken girl

i haven't called myself broken for a very long time. ages, in fact. but sometimes, i find myself doing the same things, the same ways, and have to admit i have particular bents. i head in a particular direction. i go down the same roads.

i am beginning to understand some of it, but by no means, all.

and by broken i no longer mean shattered. perhaps chipped is better, more suited to what is transpiring. i've got some things to sort out still, and so i shall.

so i will do what i know to do. purge what i can. try to hole up against what i cannot seem to change. though, change is inevitable.

and the chief said to me,
you've just made a quantam leap.

which, coming from him, is huge. i respect him. he knows the particulars of my life and is in the peculiar position of being confidant and witness.

i trust the leaps will carry me to where i need to go. that the destination is still unfolding, but certain. and with determination i can change my life.

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