Wednesday, April 14, 2010


met someone recently who is gently nudging their way into my life. i told my best friend about it today and she encouraged me to go for it.
life is short,
she said.

we talked about the first time we met, i completely dismissed her because i was rushing in to retrieve my kid from a homeschool function. she sat not two feet away from me to be social, and i didn't have a word to say to her.

i'm not the easiest person to get to know.

she said.

i expect, if you want in my life, you'll persist.

most people won't. you hurt them with your dismissal and they walk away.

fine. i don't need the easily hurt in my life. but there are so few people that will actually persist.

exactly. it's rare.

i go after those i want to know.

and i do. i don't have a lot of room for people in my life because it's too intimate in here. it's not that i want anything at the moment, that's the thing. it's all about the experience.

and my god, my body aches from pilates and belly dance. i stopped about three quarters of the way through pilates and couldn't start up again. i should have just kept moving with the class, but my body just ached. my belly was groaning.

we went out for sushi today, and i admit, i ate the lion's share. eel and crab with curry thai and cosmos. my god it was fabulous. delicious. but halfway through belly dance, my belly was groaning.

so tomorrow, i will go, likely, meet with the one who keeps calling and just wants to get to know me. who knows, maybe it will be a good thing. feels like it will.

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