Tuesday, April 27, 2010

gently, gently

we find who we need. who teaches us what we must learn in this life. it's not about ease, but about growth. i am convinced of this.

how many times have i run away scared. insecurity drives me away. but i'm trying to hold fast. to remain. to be steady and evolve.

it's terrifying. being this vulnerable. but i'm willing to hold myself open.
to remain woundable.

and i trust, that i will indeed evolve.

as my friend said to me today,
let it happen. don't try to make it happen. let it happen and become a poet of unsurpassed power.

which was nice to hear. that all this pain, all this confusion, all this doubt serves a purpose. even when i don't understand it.

i must let it happen and learn to be gentle with myself. and others.

gently, gently, now go and be who you are in the world.

i will be here for you.

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