Saturday, April 17, 2010

ouch, it burns.

serves me right for going to work to get my head straight. my boss' boss showed up right when i did. i was still zoned out, and it takes me a while to check in, regardless of when i come on. work is such an on place. i am not on at all when i'm off, and the reality of being social takes some warming up.

so i am generally quiet when i first arrive, couple that with, first thing in the morning, first morning shift in a long time, and the boss's boss there breathing down my neck. what a great way to start the day. but it ended well. though, by that i mean, we drove to my girl's lesson only to get rained out.

i turned around and drove the hour back home, and my girl wanted art supplies, so we stopped off and bought sketch books, pencils of various softness, charcoal, and erasers. since we really can't do the acrylic painting she loves here, it's something definately for another time, she'll settle for pencil drawing.

she now has two hard cover field sketch books which are very nice. i'm glad she picked them out. sometimes i wonder about our lives, but moments like these reassure me. that she is still solid. and we will be okay.

home now, work this evening, and i have to make time to clean the apt. it looks like a bomb hit it.

pilates and belly dance kicked my ass. probably because i've been vegging out a lot instead of exercising, but i kept grabbing my abs yesterday, which probably isn't a bad thing, they just burned and ached from pilates. and my instructor said my thighs would kill me, and they do. seems just about every part of my body is on fire, but i think it was more from the belly dance than pilates, as we did a lot of hip circles, and my thighs were burning within minutes. we kept at the circles for about ten minutes, and it was painful. but good.

i stopped about three quarters of the way through pilates, and just couldn't get started again, so i lay there on my mat, staring at the ceiling.

i excel at pilates.

the good news is, my body is changing.

now. to clean the apt.

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