Monday, April 19, 2010

now it stops

the drilling outside my front door again. i've been here, trying to sleep through it. now that it's time for me to get up, they are taking a break. nice.

i'm not going to let this ruin my day. i'm off to spend it with my best friend and there is so little time. so little time for what we love.

i was going to go with her to an appt this morning, but she insisted i sleep.
you need to rest, then meet me.
so that is the plan. i don't know that it's been very restful, but my body is grateful for the compassion.

and the one pushing into my life has found room, and i'm always amazed at life's little mysteries. how things come and go, how people arrive to ease the absence of others. the curious thing about this soul is the timing. timing always intrigues me.

when it's too soon, nothing happens.

when it's too late, same.

but sometimes, the toll is paid and the crossing begins.

i'm ready for my next tat. i've gone back to my third idea, where i was wavering on a fourth, i think it is not time for that yet. she will have to wait. she has waited this long, she can wait longer. for me, it is what i originally wanted.

i am captivated by my other idea, though, so it will likely happen. just not yet.

must get up, time to enter my day, though someone is already whispering in my ear. and that's curious.

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