Monday, April 05, 2010

eleven hours

on the clock tomorrow. trying to gear up for it. this is why i spend my days off in bed recovering. which is hardly a productive way to spend a day off. either that or i'm a zombie when i'm out and about. which is the better route? at the moment, not sure.

but it's all good. i've done loooooong days before. just need to get through it is all. and i will. keeping my spirits up will be key. this is why i pamper myself with all the bells and whistles pedicure when i get a chance. my feet take care of me.

so this guy was telling us really dumb, i mean, five year old kid jokes the other day. i just ignored him and walked away. i'm not paid to laugh at stupidity. same guy walks in at ten till close and buys a sandwich, then sits down to leisurely eat it after busting my chops for not having a paper.

who in their right mind keeps the papers until ten pm? i have learned to keep them till around eight, but longer, no way.

then, the guy leaves crumbs. he's shoving the sandwich in his mouth because i'm over it and want to leave. he is the only reason we are dragging ass. there are things i can't do, like lock the doors, with a customer sitting there.

so, finally, he leaves.

ah well. i'm home now. tired. but the mind is going. have to get up early for that marathon day, the best part is, my boss will be there and she's kind.

i saw this woman today walking toward the store and said,
she's cute.

and she walked in. to the register and smiles.
what can i get for you?

she's completely ripped. i mean, perfect body. and so i ask,
where do you workout?

the gym.
she replies.

and i laughed.

she laughed, too.

i'm trying to be nice here.

no, it's really called the gym.

becauase she's finally realized she could have sounded like an absolute bitch. but she was answering my question. the whole thing was rather funny.

and, well, i haven't met anyone that made me smile like that in a while.

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